Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sat Nam Rasayan

I just received Sat Nam Rasayan by Guru Dev Singh. I've begun reading it. Its blowing my mind! There is so much here I never realized. I was thinking "where have I been all this time?" All this knowledge just sort of floating around until...what? Anyway check the book out, it was out of print for a while. Its also written in spanish.
Wahe Guru! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


For all of you that got tremendous hugs are a few from the Teachers Training! Posted by Picasa

Jai Deva Kaur (Sylvie)

In all of my posting I seem to have almost overlooked, Jai Deva Kaur!
A very sweet woman from excellent hugger as well! Wahe Guru!
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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The sage

One late evening (late..late) the spirits brought to us a sage from among us! Got to hand it to him ...he was definitely a sight! Wahe Guru! Posted by Picasa

Siri Simran Kaur (Anette)

Movements so smooth the feet never touch the in life a sweet tone that tears away at confusion, and opens into transformation.
All the way from Ireland, Wahe Guru! Posted by Picasa


A rock...that is the feeling I receive.
With change and transformation this man is as steady as a rock!
Wahe Guru! Posted by Picasa


With the grace of a lioness, and the strength of a ...I'm not sure watch her transformation! From Florida this lady is maha Shakti! Posted by Picasa

Guru Kirin Kaur

The sparkle in her eye tells volumns! Her dance of life was cherished by all! She is the other half of the teacher/organizer team that ran the Teachers Training.
The healings at her hand were Wahe Guru! Posted by Picasa

Guru Rattana

The woman with the vision and the intellect to carry it out! A powerhouse of knowledge, hear it trickle out in her presence and say Wahe Guru!
(She is one of the teacher organizers of the training course) Posted by Picasa

Raja (Michelle)

The force behind! She is that strength that watches and waits. Keep Up! Posted by Picasa

Hari Kaur (Lizzie)

A truely dear Teacher! Her insight was all the time wonderful!
A Techno-Yogini with a great hug!
She is from the land way down under, New Zealand!
Sat Nam! Posted by Picasa


The old Holy Man! The throat chakra was in constant use with Roberto!
So much true would flow from his lips. Very inspiring at all times!
He came from San Diego California!
Wahe Guru! Posted by Picasa

Guru Ravi Kaur

Our Ayurvedic Goddess!
When not doing anything one could always wander over to listen and learn something ayurvedic from Guru Ravi. She was a constant energizing ayurvedic force! Wahe Guru! Posted by Picasa


Another Shakti of power,
Marissa from Mexico! We had so many spirits from all over the globe! Sat Nam Marissa! Posted by Picasa

Sarab Shakti and Kanima

Powerful Shaktis! From NY State Sarib Shakti Kaur and from Salt Lake City, Utah, Kanima.
These great ladies had much to share, just listen and her their hearts speak! Posted by Picasa


A wise old man was meditating in the forest when Jordan appeared. He bowed to her feet and kissed the dust beneath then. She was truely transformed, and now in the present it is time to be there again! Wahe Guru! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hari Bhajan Kaur (Susan)

From Austin Texas, the Teachers Training course had a few people, Hari Bhajan Kaur was one. She was always glad to go out and get things that were needed a real Karma Yogi. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hari Bhajan Kaur (Susan)

What a beautiful vibration to work towards! The name says it all, why else would she have such a name. Posted by Picasa

Krishna and Rita

These two were wonderful! Even with a small amount of english Krishna Singh made it through with flying colors. Rita was his meditative task master! Posted by Picasa

Shakta Kaur (Gilah)

Shakta Kaur on the tour of life from Pennsylvania to within! Posted by Picasa

Ram Das Kaur (shannon)

Down from Minnesota she came, bringing her healing and intellect. Listen to her chant! Posted by Picasa

Shakti Kaur (Mary)

From the heart of Connecticut came Shakti Kaur another shining being. She always has a smile! Posted by Picasa


She came all the way from Ireland for the Teachers Training! She has begun the transformation, and she's shining already. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kundalini Rising Treachers

Sat Nam to our beloved teachers, Guru Rattana Kaur and her sister Guru Kirin Kaur! With there guidance we were able to transend a lot of our ego and truly we began to shine!
Wahe Guru Ji Kakalsa
Siri Wahe Guru Ji KiFate
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Barsana Dham Retreat Center Austin,TX

This was the retreat center we stayed at during the course. It was beautiful and the devotees that lived there made us feel very welcomed. The second half of the course begins the last day of Feb.06 and continues thriugh March 13th. Posted by Picasa